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Recipes with Nuts

Cashew Nut Chicken

This one needs no introduction

One-Pot Cauli Satay

The easiest satay dish you’ll ever make

Wontons in Spicy Peanut Sauce

Welcome to our first-ever collaboration with a fellow YouTube foodie!

Peanut and Sesame Brittle

Caramel shards with a chilli surprise

Kung Pao Chicken for Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Spicy, sweet, sour and savoury all at once, this dish really fires up all of the taste buds

Warm Honey Soy Pulled Chicken Salad

The perfect light meal for a spring day

Classic Egg Fried Rice with Cashews

Make comforting fried rice even better with crunchy cashews

Julie’s Summer Vermicelli Salad

A satisfying, sesame-infused noodle salad studded with nutty surprises