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Recipes with Spring onions

Ultimate BBQ Pork Belly

Get your grill on

5 Ingredient Fried Noodles

Breakfast, lunch or dinner in minutes

Five-Spiced Pork Belly Stir Fry

Get your pork belly fix in a flash with this easy stir fry

Pork and Cabbage Wonton Soup

Silky dumplings in a soothing, umami-rich broth

Easy Chilli ‘n’ Soy Chicken Traybake

Fiery chicken thighs paired with Spy Valley’s fragrant and spicy Gewürztraminer

Chilli, Ginger and Spring Onion Oil

A warming oil perfect for dipping, swirling and adding flavoursome punch to a variety of dishes

Special Fried Rice (3 Ways!)

An endlessly adaptable takeaway favourite

Syrupy Soy Sauce Chicken

Sticky and sweet with flavour-soaked aubergine chunks

Ow Ho Fun: Beef Fried Rice Noodles

Delicious noodle stir fry infused with the smokiness of a red hot wok

Pancakes: China Style

Flaky and crispy pancakes with savoury spring onions trapped in its multiple layers

Julie’s Summer Vermicelli Salad

A satisfying, sesame-infused noodle salad studded with nutty surprises