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5 Ways to Cut Ginger

All you need to know about preparing ginger for Chinese cooking

In Cantonese cuisine, ginger is as ubiquitous as soy sauce.

And it’s easy to see why. Ginger sizzled in oil releases the most wonderfully warm yet spicy fragrance. When steamed, it imparts a delicate fresh zing into the ingredients that it shares its steamy environment with.

With a place in such a large variety of dishes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are different ways to cut ginger for use with different cooking techniques. This commercial machine for slices and strips (at $2000 USD!) demonstrates just how seriously Chinese cooks take ginger.

And of course, we do too. So in this video we go through 5 of the ways we prepare ginger in the kitchen – enjoy!

  • May I suggest another! It’s not exactly a cut: I often use a classic garlic mincer to squish juice out of ginger. It’s time consuming, certainly, but I collect the juice and use it in vinaigrettes for Asian salads for example instead of a fine mince. I personally don’t like crunching into ginger as the flavour becomes too overpowering, so this is great for texture, but also the flavour is more even and every time someone has one of these vinaigrettes I make their eyes go wide with delight! I’ve never tried it in anything other than a vinaigrette but I’m sure it works! Plus you can pop the minced parts in there, they’re finer than the finest mince.

    • Wow this is a brilliant suggestion! We will definitely be trying it out, thanks so much for sharing!

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