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Blind Taste Test: Pickled Cabbage

Watch Julie’s reaction to this mysterious canned vegetable!

Nowadays, we have more ways to ‘consume’ food than ever before.

There’s our daily meals and snacks, but we also regularly feed ourselves with digital doses of food online. And it works pretty well – a photo of a juicy burger will make my mouth water while another of beautifully charred corn glistening with butter will have me adding cobs to my shopping trolley.

The one thing in common with every instragram post and YouTube video is that you see what the food is without tasting it. But wouldn’t it be fun if we flipped that so we taste the food in real life without seeing what it is?

That’s exactly the idea behind this series. In each video, one of us chooses a food item (with some unusual or obscure feature), and gets the other to try it, blindfolded!

First up, we have Julie acting as the guinea pig. Watch to find out what she thinks about the mysterious can of ‘pickled cabbage’!


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