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Bakery, Bubble Tea and Karaoke for Food Junkies

A typical day out in Chinatown 😉

Hi guys!

Our very favourite episode of Food Junkies is now available for viewing online at the London Live website (UK only, sorry!).

We had *so* much fun filming this one in Chinatown! We sampled loads of amazing Chinese baked goods, Amy got her first taste of Bubble Tea, and to the horror of the other patrons we even channelled our inner Whitney Houstons on the microphones…!

And in true Dumpling form, it was also a day full of cringeworthy comments…

“Oh! That’s so naughty!”

“You know when you get a warm fluffy towel, and you just wanna hold it against your face?”

“Look at that structure! It’s just so loose… so aerated!”

“The pinnacle of creamy buns has to be the peanut one.”

Simultaneously: “Oooooo look at thaaaaat.”

“The whole thing is a party in your mouth!”

“Oh wow… it goes right up the thing!”

“No one likes karaoke more than us… because we’re Chinese.”

Just click here to watch it all!

A&J x


  • Really enjoyed watching this episode too, the buns looked really delicious, I’ll b sure to keep an eye out for them next time I’m near china town

    • Yes do nip in the next time you’re there, so good for a wee snack (or more hehe)!

  • I watched this video this afternoon, and literally just returned from that bakery with a boxful of delicious carbs – so good…

  • Thank you for a great video, you lifted my spirits!

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