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Chinese Food Festival, London 2016

Back at CFF for a dumpling demo

For Chinese food lovers, London offers up endless options. Cheap eats in Chinatown, upscale Michelin dining in Mayfair, 70’s-inspired classics in an architectural box in Soho, the milk bun craze all over, and dumplings in markets.

However, it wasn’t until last year that London had its own food festival dedicated to Chinese food (hard to believe, I know!). We came to know about it because we were approached by the organisers to do a food demonstration, to which we wholeheartedly said yes to.

So now in its second year, the annual Chinese Food Festival was even better than last year’s. Its relocation from a relatively skinny thoroughfare on the South Bank to Potters Field Park gave the set up a sense of openness and welcome that kept people happy to mill about (even though the weekend was plagued with rainy periods!). No, we hadn’t heard of Potters Field either but the armadillo building (City Hall) and Tower Bridge might sound more familiar ?

With Julie exploring Iceland that weekend I (Amy) ended up doing the demonstration on my lonesome – which, fortunately, turned out to be much less daunting that I had feared! I’m so used to being in a tag team with the little dumpling that I had been worrying about whether I could make an impact on my own. But the audience was great (thanks, volunteers!), I found I could natter on (and on) and I finished on such a high that a steamer jive seemed like the fit way to celebrate.

With my focus directed the demo I didn’t get much of a chance to capture the festival as a whole, so I’m going to let fellow instragrammers paint a picture of the event. Panda guy, you rock.

One of the more curious food offerings that held my attention though was the stall selling deep-fried chrysanthemums. This was truly new to me. I didn’t try it but if you did, I’d be really interested in hearing what you thought about this fascinating-yet-bizarre idea ?

So on that peculiar note, that’s it for another year. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings! Ax

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