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Ching Poo Luong Drink

Refreshing and packed with goodness, we’ll be reaching for this mystery drink again

If you’ve ever stepped into a Chinese supermarket and thought, “oh boy, where do I start?”, then the truth is that you’re not all that different to us.

Because apart from the items that are regulars in our baskets, the rest of it is as mysterious to us as it might be to you.

But that’s exactly why we love visiting Chinese supermarkets. They’re packed with so many weird and wonderful products that each browse of the aisles could potentially turn up an amazing discovery, which soon joins our list of must-haves in the kitchen.

Our way of finding these gems is to simply try something new each time we shop. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as swapping out our usual egg noodles for an unfamiliar but curious-looking kind. Other times, something just catches our eye because it has irresistibly good Chinglish.

Whatever the reason, we always look forward to seeing if our ‘wildcard’ item is worth buying again. And since that’s the fun part, we’ve started capturing it all on camera for you to see as well.

We can’t promise that every Chinese Supermarket Wildcard purchase will turn out to be a gem. But we can promise that our reactions will be genuine so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth hunting for.

Hit play below to see how we fared with our first wildcard, Ching Poo Luong…this one might be a keeper!

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