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Food Revolution Street Par-tay

Food market and celebration with Jamie Oliver

Last night we hopped along to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day street party in London.

Food Revolution Day is an international affair, with events popping up across the globe to “celebrate the beautiful diversity of fresh food, sharing cooking skills, understanding good eating habits and, of course, eating great grub”.

The flagship London event was hosted in the heart of Jamie headquarters, a skip away from Old Street tube station.

There were loads of people bustling about enjoying the street party, where Jamie himself shared demonstrations and tips along with friends such as the affable DJ BBQ and the cuties from SORTED.

A wide variety of stalls meant that everyone was tempted to indulge in lots of numnums. With such delectable sights and smells of incredible food at every turn, the evening had a wicked festival atmosphere!

One of our favourite eats from the evening was the HIX ‘dog-nuts’…

Simply put, these were a supercharged version of churros: deep-fried to golden perfection, generously coated in cinnamon and sugar, and served with a moreish warm salted caramel sauce.

And even though it sounds intense (it definitely was by the last mouthful!) the dog-nuts themselves were incredibly light and crispy in texture, or as Amy says, “it’s no Krispy Kreme!”. You get these babies at Red Market and Brockley Market – just look out for the HIX FishDog van.

A massive shout out to Riad from HIX, who not only made our sweet treat, but was also pretty sweet on the eyes himself ?

As the evening drew to a close, Amy wanted one last photo. She started posing in front of the Food Revolution supporter posters on the wall, and to her utter delight she was joined by a surprise guest…

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