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Jamie and Uncle Ben’s Search for a Food Tube Star

An amazing experience!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted, your support has been tremendous and touching in equal measures. We couldn’t have done it without you! Lots of love and lots of thanks, TDS xx

Both of us are mahoosive fans of Jamie Oliver, as evidenced by our mad fangirling when we saw the side of his face for about half a second at Food Revolution Day.

Amy: “OMG did you see him?! He’s there! HE’S THEEEREEE!”

Julie: “Argh I’m too short! I only saw the side of his face!”

Like we said, super massive fans… so it’s no surprise that we were pretty darn excited when we heard about a new competition being run by Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube in association with Uncle Ben’s rice. The brief to YouTubers all over the world was simple: create a short video recipe featuring rice… and we happen to love rice!

The Food Tube team will whittle entries down to five, and the winning video will be decided by ‘likes’. There’s a pretty sweet prize up for grabs at the end, including a profesh production kit, mentoring from the Food Tube team, and the incredible opportunity to be featured on the Food Tube channel.

After a few days of brainstorming back and forth, we finally struck upon our recipe idea. Inspired by the way that mum used to make fried rice for us when we were kids, we decided to do fried rice wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaves. It was always lots of fun scooping the rice into our lettuce ‘bowls’ and adding whichever condiment we wanted (usually a spicy one!) before chomping through the crisp leaves to the little bursts of flavour coming from every grain of rice. Such good times!

For the competition we thought we’d amp it up and make these parcels even MORE deloicious (pronounced, de-loi-shus) by serving up with a super flavoursome chicken and sauce combo. We decided on succulent boozy hoisin chicken with the easiest satay sauce, like, ever!

If you want to give our recipe a go (please do!) just check out the details below and let us know how you get on. We know it looks like lots of ingredients and instructions, but we promise that the execution is simple as ?

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  • Nicole

    Made this tonight for dinner! I eliminated the oil …. As I’m chunky and attempting to watch my caloric intake … I even figured the weight watcher points , thank you for creating the first flavorful meal I have had in months …. It was so very yummy !

    • Hi Nicole! We’re so stoked to hear that you found a way to make it work for you! Love that you sorted out the points too, that’s seriously fab 😀

  • Made this and it was incredible, hoisen is now my new found best friend. Any chance you would do a recipe of how to make the perfect pan fried dumplings or steamed shanghai pork buns? Can’t wait to test out more o your recipes!

    Rebecca ☺

    • Hey Rebecca! Thanks for your feedback, we love hoisin too! It’s so versatile but always delicious 😀 And it’s funny you should mention perfect pan fried dumplings… watch this space 😉

  • Thank you girls, I love your recipes and my family does too! I love that they are so easy, it’s great to have recipes like this that I can teach my kids to add to their repertoire. Can you please make an easy print link for your recipes? That would be fantastic. Thanks for all you do!

    • Hiya there, and thanks for your kind feedback! I’m not sure how to get an easy print thing going, but I’ll have a nose around and see what I can do! 🙂

  • Mike Barratt


    This looks lip-smackingly delicious, but your recipe above has me confuses. For measurements, what does “C” stand for, and does “T” and “t” mean? Is “t” for teaspoon and “T” for tablespoon? Help!

    • Hi Mike! Yes, you are correct about teaspoons and tablespoons. The ‘C’ refers to a (250ml size) cup. Hope this helps!

  • k

    This looks SO heavenly! Just wondering, is there a non-alcoholic substitute one could use instead of the rice wine? Thanks! 🙂

  • Micky


    How big is the jar of peanut butter used for the Satay Sauce. In Australia you can buy a range of sizes,325g, 340g, 375g, 500g or 750g jars for example. A measurement would be very helpful.

    Thank you.

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