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Ja Choy

Move over kimchi, it’s time for a new spicy and pungent fermented vegetable to take centre stage

If you’ve never had ja choy before you are definitely missing out. Made from the knobbly stem of a mustard plant, ja choy gets its incredible savoury Sichuanese flavour from being salted, pressed, rubbed with chilli paste and fermented in a jar. Texturally, ja choy has a song mouthfeel: a refreshingly crisp bite, yet also tender. It’s hard to think of an equivalent, but eating ja choy is a little bit like biting into firm gherkin. We use this nifty little ingredient it in loads of different ways, from sprinkling it onto silky congee to steaming it with succulent strips of marinated beef.

You can get it at all Chinese supermarkets, like this one.

Learn more about it in the video below!

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