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London Unfiltered


A Photo Challenge with Marriott Hotels!

A wee while ago we received a nifty invitation to take part in a project by Marriott Hotels called London Unfiltered.

We’re both big fans of sharing pics on Instagram (filters and all!) but we were very intrigued by the challenge put before us to capture the ‘essence of London’ with nothing more than an old school disposable camera… the kind that needs winding up!

So during a fun day of street-roaming (fuelled by constant snacking along the way), we hopped along to some of our fave iconic London spots like Brixton Village, Oxford Street, and Chinatown with our little camera. With such a limited number of shots compared to what we can do with our newfangled phones and digital cameras, we savoured each and every click and took loads more time setting up the shots to make sure that we were capturing what we wanted to. (Even then it was a bit dodgy looking through the misty viewfinder!). It was also somewhat liberating to know that once you clicked that button there was no going back!

The Grandeur of the Chinatown Entrance, Disposable vs. D-SLR

We then waited in anticipation to see how our photos turned out after the folks at Marriott developed and digitised them. It took us right back to the good old days of using film and that funny experience of forgetting what we had taken photos of by the time they were finally developed! Luckily there weren’t any ‘surprises’ in our set…

Colourful Carnaby Street, Disposable vs. D-SLR

Overall it was a really neat exercise and we were definitely reminded of how incredible modern technology is. Without further ado, here are a couple more of our fave unfiltered snaps, plus a video compilation of all the images taken by us and four other London bloggers ? Thanks again to Marriott Hotels for asking us to participate! Y’all can check out their own Instagram here.

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