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Matcha Green Tea Pudding

Verdict: wobbly, refreshing and surprisingly tasty

We’ve noticed that matcha puddings have become much more prominent in London, with gloriously green matcha soft serve in particular popping up all over our Instagram feed.


Green tea flavouring has been popular in Asian desserts for a long time. Made from finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea, matcha has a delicate earthy flavour. For those who don’t like their desserts too sweet, matcha is perfect. Because it comes in powder form, it can be used to flavour all manner of sweet treats. It also has the most incredible, eye catching bright green hue.





A couple of weeks ago I was strolling around our favourite supermarket in Chinatown, New Loon Moon, when I spotted a box of instant matcha pudding. In the past I’ve tried the coconut and mango variants of these types of pudding with mixed results. Sometimes the flavour is far too artificial, at other times the pudding firms up in an unpleasant plasticky way. But every now and again, Asian instant puddings can actually be really tasty and refreshing, like an Eastern version of classic strawberry jelly. Intrigued by this green tea variety, I duly popped the box in my basket. Check out the video below to hear our verdict as we taste the pudding for the first time.

  • Matchachef….ha, ha, ha, ha ha, still giggling! This looks very interesting, I have heard of people using it in bread dough. Might have to try it I think!

    • Bahaha excellent 😉 I’ve seen it in loaves too, it looks terrific!

  • Amazing…. Matcha Tea Company is one of the best plateform to buy matcha green tea.

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