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Peanut and Sesame Coated Candy

Studded with fragrant sesame seeds and crunchy peanuts, these sweet treats are intensely satisfying

The word heong (香) in Cantonese, meaning ‘fragrant’, perfectly describes these candies.

That’s because the sesame seeds contribute a delicious toasty nutty aroma, while the peanuts provide a hit of actual nut flavour that seems to enhance the seeds even more. The pairing works so well that it appears in another well-known Chinese snack, the sesame and peanut brittle.

But that’s where the similarity ends. The brittle is more of a shattering affair, with golden shards that hold intense caramelly flavour. These candies, however, are soft and chewy. Like the good kind of Haribo that your teeth sink into instead of bounce off. So as an eating experience, they are entirely different and evoke more childlike delight. A fantastic reason to give these a go when you see them in the Chinese supermarket!

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