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Shopping for Kitchen Equipment

All the kit you need to cook up a storm

We could spend hours browsing the fascinating aisles of big Chinese supermarkets, picking up essentials like fresh Chinese greens as well as discovering new ingredients to incorporate into our recipes. But as much as we love them, we also know that they can be daunting places for the unseasoned shopper. That’s why we created some video supermarket guides, where we run through the different type of products that you can get at most Chinese supermarkets.

We love the food, but did you know that many larger Chinese/Asian supermarkets are also treasure troves for kitchen equipment? From steamers and colourful crockery to lots (and lots!) of woks, you can find everything you need to whip up a proper Chinese feast.

Watch our video below, where we check out the goods at one of our favourite spots for kitchenalia, SeeWoo in London’s Chinatown.

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