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The Chinatown Bakery

From flaky to pillowy soft, these baked goods have you covered

There’s no better way to end a day out in Chinatown than by stocking up on mouthwatering goods from a Hong Kong-style bakery.

So after a full day of Yum Cha-ing and Chinese Supermarket shopping in London, we hopped over to visit Michelle & co. at the wonderful Chinatown Bakery.

There we picked up a whole box of goodies for only £6.10!

And then we taste tested them *all* ?

Glutinous rice ball: generously coated with coconut, and filled with crushed peanuts and sugar

Custard egg tart: a smooth custard filling encased in a “gazillion” flaky layers of pastry

Coconut bun: super-soft bread with a beautiful structure and a sticky, golden, coconutty crust

Needless to say, our baked goods didn’t last very long…

Let us know on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter (@DumplingSisters) which Chinese baked goods are your favourite, and which ones you’d be keen to try out the next time you visit Chinatown!

And as promised in the video, here is (one version of!) the wife cake love story…

The Love Story

The time was Imperial China, the place a small village, and the people a poor baker and his wife who were very much in love.

One day, a mysterious and deadly disease swept through the entire village, claiming many lives and livelihoods. Though the young couple did not fall ill themselves, the man’s father became very sick. Desperate to save him, the couple spent all of their money trying to find a cure. But it was all to no avail; the old man’s health continued to deteriorate.

Seeing no other way, the wife sold herself into slavery in exchange for money to buy more medicine for her father-in-law. The husband was devastated, but so grateful for his wife’s selfless act.

Harnessing his immense sorrow and gratitude, the baker was inspired to create a new pastry; a delicate cake filled with sweetened wintermelon and almond. He dedicated this sweet treat to his wife, and set about selling it in the street.

The new pastry, known as ‘wife cake’, became hugely popular. Eventually, the baker earned enough money from the wife cakes to buy his wife back from slavery… and they lived happily ever after.

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