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What a week!

It’s been incredible, thanks for all the support!

We’re now halfway through the Food Tube Star competition and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the amazing support. BLOWN. AWAY. (Like the old guy in ‘Up’. Were you also a blubbering mess after the first 20 minutes of the movie?).

Having read every single comment on our Food Tube video, we can say with complete certainty that you guys rock! Virtual hi-fives all round!!

The competition is getting fierce…

So we’re upping our game and we need your help to close the gap between us and the current leader, Felicitas from Argentina. GAME ON!

Please get sharing Sharing SHARING!! And please plug the vid URL as much as you can, everywhere! Share on fb, twitter (@DumplingSisters) and all the other awesome social media tools that you’re rocking these days! Let’s see what we can achieve together in the next week ?

This URL loves you!:

In the meantime, we’ve complied a few of the most silly bits from our day of filming for the food tube star comp into a blooper reel. We often need to dance it out (like no one’s watching :/) to let off some steam so we’ve added some of that in too! We hope you have as much fun with it as we did!

We also used the video as a chance to say a mahoosive thank you to everyone out there who has supported us in the competition ?

Highlights of our week…did these things really happen?!

After finding out that we made it into the finals on Sunday, things got a bit surreal!

First we did a little radio interview on Morning Report in NZ.

That was at 10 pm UK time. And an hour later, we got confirmation that we would be doing a live cross with TV1’s Seven Sharp the very next morning (for the Wednesday night show in NZ).  The show’s producer asked, “How early can you girls get up?”. Turns out we could do 5:30 am!

As we were waiting in the studio for our interview to start, Julie said she felt like she was going to “hurl”, while Amy had stopped talking for a full 10 minutes.

Just click on the pics to take you to the video on Seven Sharp‘s website.

Seven Sharp was an incredibly fun experience and the support from NZ that came pouring in shortly afterwards was truly heartwarming. Thanks for talking to us, @Alisonmau@JesseMulligan and @formerlydaniels!

We were also lucky enough to be featured in the news; our little bro Justin cut out this article in The Press newspaper for us. Check out how cute he is in Grandad’s arms!

(Note: We think the baby in the pic is Justin. It might be Julie. If it is Julie, then the kid in the David Bain jumper is Amy. Whatevs!)

Thanks for the awesome article, Caroline!

Just this morning, a lovely article about TDS and the comp was run in the Hong Kong based newspaper, South China Morning Post. It was fab to be interviewed by Jeremy and he did an amazing job with telling our story. Thanks so much, man!


We’ve also had some pretty awesome support from the twittersphere. We inadvertently started our ‘Twitter campaign’ one night when we thought it would be a good idea to tweet all of our favourite famous people and journos in NZ that we could find.

We got a bit carried away, you see, and as twitter newbies we didn’t realise this was essentially a ‘twitter bomb’.  It was totally worth staying up all night for though cos the response was ultra fab (and ultra cool!).

Retweets and good wishes from everyone from @rachelhunterx to @p_money  to @MikePuruNZ to @tamaticoffey to the boys from the @SnP_show@SelaAlo and @PuaMagasiva (remember the LiftPlus ads from back in the day? #SharpenUp #noughtieslove #ShortyStreet!)… Even a few All Blacks (*blush*)! Aaand @rhysiedarby from Flight of the Conchords eeee!

Murray: He may be dead.
Dave: He maybe did what?
Murray: No, he may be dead.
Dave: What didn’t he maybe do?
Murray: He maybe *dead*.
Bret: Dead.
Dave: Are you guys fucking with me?
Murray: He may be dead, not alive.
Dave: Ohh…

Classic Kiwi accent confusion!

We also want to take this opportunity to do a collective THANKS to everyone who has helped us to spread the word on Twitter, please keep it up!

Finally, a big thanks to the University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) and Cantamag for the shout out on their FB pages. #CanterburyUniRocks #backtoourroots

LET’S WIN THIS TOGETHER…please get sharing!

We’ve only made it this far because of all the tremendous support we’ve been getting from around the world. Please keep it coming! And when you do share, please remind everyone to click ‘like’ to vote. To make things supes easy for you, we’ve created this QR code that links to the comp video . Just click on it to download the file and embed it wherever you fancy!

Remember, this URL loves you!

GALACTIC-sized love, TDS xx

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