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Recipes with Rice

One-Pot Chicken Rice

The perfect dinner for one

Vegetable Green Curry Fried Rice

All the aromatic flavours of Thai green curry, infused into each and every grain of rice

Speedy Sweet Chilli Salmon, Coconut Rice & Pickle

Succulent, crispy-skinned salmon meets Sileni’s beautifully balanced Pinot Gris

Easy Congee with Spicy Eggs

Delicious for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

Perfect Fluffy Rice

Want to know the foolproof secret to making perfect rice on the hob?

Tom Yum Fried Rice

♫ Let’s talk about rice, baby… let’s talk about grains and steam… ♫

Classic Egg Fried Rice with Cashews

Make comforting fried rice even better with crunchy cashews

Special Fried Rice (3 Ways!)

An endlessly adaptable takeaway favourite