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A New Adventure!

Today we have some *very* exciting news… check it out!

And here is the official press release…

Amanda Harris, Deputy Publisher, Non Fiction at Orion Books has bought World Rights in a major two book deal from Ariella Feiner at United Agents.  The first book by The Dumpling Sisters will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in hardback and eBook format in May 2015.

The Dumpling Sisters are siblings Amy and Julie Zhang, two young, New Zealanders of Chinese descent who are a much less hairy version of the Hairy Bikers. They are featured regularly on Jamie’s Food Tube channel and were finalists of Jamie’s ‘search for a Food Tube Star’.

Amy and Julie’s family hail from the foodie heaven of Guangzhou in China and moved to New Zealand when Amy was a baby. Amy and Julie grew up helping their parents run the family Chinese food stall and are passionately knowledgeable about Chinese cooking.

Their shared love for delicious home cooked Chinese dishes inspired them to set up their own YouTube channel and their friendly and encouraging approach to demystify Chinese cooking has created a huge following (for example their mouth-watering Chinese New Year Potsticker Dumplings and has had over 88,000 hits to date).

Now these delicious and simple recipes combined with their informative, practical and fun style will be available in this beautiful debut book, enabling Chinese food-lovers to read, savour and enjoy cooking the recipes at home.  At its very heart this book is an invitation to cook classic Chinese recipes along with the sisters and learn, just as they did from their family, so that elusive dishes that you’ve enjoyed in restaurants can be replicated at home from the perfect dumpling to Five-Spiced Roast Pork Belly.  There will be beautiful photography through-out.

Amy and Julie comment:

“We’re beyond elated to be embarking on this fantastic adventure with Orion. Our lovely new editor said it best: this cookbook is our baby. We can’t wait for it to arrive!”

Amanda Harris comments:

“The Dumpling Sisters are, simply, awesome.  They are talented, encouraging and make me truly believe I, too, can make delicious dim sum. I can’t wait to publish Amy and Julie’s books.”

Watch Amy and Julie share what to expect from The Dumpling Sisters in this exclusive video on Weidenfeld &Nicolson’s cookery blog,

The Dumpling Sisters will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in hardback and as an eBook on 7 May 2015, price £20/ eBook £10.99

  • OH MY GOODNESS you girls are outstanding. Congratulations wonderful people. Your energy and adorability is just taking over the world 😉 xxx

  • Congratulations on the book deal ladies! Looking forward to seeing your “baby”.

  • Jo

    Congratulations! Two little legends. Looking forward to having that as pride of place on my shelf!

  • Congratulations. How exciting.

  • Edward

    Congrats you two! I’m from Hong Kong living overseas in the States right now, and I’ve been trying really hard to hone my (chinese) cooking skills. I really miss home cooked Chinese meals, so a cookbook from the Dumpling Sisters would really help me out :D! But till it’s published… I’ll be following your vlogs religiously haha.

    • Hi Edward, and thanks for visiting! Our aim is to make the book accessible and interesting for everyone, from very beginners to those like you who have grown up immersed in the flavours of home-cooked Chinese. We even want to (pleasantly) surprise the experts by showing them something new/unexpected! So hopefully it’s the kind of book that will keep challenging you as you hone those skills (challenge you in a good/encouraging way, that is!).

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